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Advanced Lesson Academy of Golf - Parent / Junior Mentor Program

Advanced Lesson Academy (ALA) is a golf instruction facility with program structured to assist you in discovering your natural swing motion through proper drills and sound fundamentals. The golf academy's methods will help students accomplish a more consistent, dependable, and repeatable golf swing. To maintain a high standard of personal attention, emphasis is placed on close contact between teacher and student during golf lessons, which encourages you to learn to play like a professional golfer.

For 2010 ALA launched a 10-week Parent and Junior Scholarship Mentor Program to help children from the age of 6 thru 17 who cope with learning difficulties ranging from PPD/NOS, Asberger and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Article Link;

Class of 2010 Parent / Junior Mentor Program

Brooklyn Golf Center
3200 Flatbush Ave. New York 11234
Brooklyn, New York

Advanced Lesson Academy of Golf Program's founder and director, Charles Lightfoot, is a highly recognized African-American golf instructor whose teaching approach is both innovative and precise. Lightfoot has perfected his golf teaching skills through endless collaborations with countless professionals in the United States, Ireland and Asia.

“Building a Golf Swing for a Lifetime”

To begin doing things the right way is a lot easier than continuing to do things the wrong way. At ALA You will discover a shorter path to success and avoid the frustrations of laborious trials and errors. The results will astound you, while removing your bad habits before they become permanently ingrained.

Look for Advanced Lesson Academy of Golf in Bunkershot.com, BSTM The Sports Magazine, African American Golfer’s Digest magazine.

Charles Lightfoot has authored several articles with instructional photos shot on location at golf courses across the nation.

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